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Nicknames: PRed
National Allegiance: San'doria
Linkshell Rank: MEMBER
Status: Former Member (Left for Lastcritical)
Location: Europe
Playing since: 03'
Main jobs: SMN, SAM
Merit count: MERIT COUNT
Hobbies: Leveling Charissa cause she is too lazy
Occupation: Awesome Dude
Personal quote: xD

Information A tiny bundle of godlikeness in a cute package. [GM]Preddy is the ultimate in Taru power!

The nickname [gm]Preddy originates from a linkshell event where you had to run as a lvl 1-5 jobs naked without items from windurst to rabao. and some aggro despawned on preddy in korroloka tunnel. So rumor has it he /aggrodespawned some mobs to win! evil gm {bastard sword}

A qoute from Caffran: "Omfg Preddy is a legend. Hes one of the coolest ppl I have ever met and hes always willing to help any1 ( Although I usualy end up tipping him like 30k for something, examples include. 60 cap. WHM AF. Sandy 9-1 and 9-2 >_>;;; ) Anyway I would have struggled to get to where I am in the game today without Preddy around. Such a funny and nice guy even if he has an odd way of showing it"

There was once a Church of Preddy, in which many held him as their savior, though it has all but disbanded as more members achieved higher levels and discovered Longcat.

Who am I? I think I'm just a regular player thats just here to have fun. i hate mandatory things or if ppl force me to do something. im very helpfull when im not busy <_<;; I'm always up for random and silly stuff. always well equipped and after near impossible goals! I leveled nearly all jobs to 30+ with exception of the last 5 jobs cause i dont really feel like theyre a lot of fun. And I'm a sucker for gil so if you want me to do something I hate pay me well >_>; that is it I think xD